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Using a Home Equity Conversion Mortgage As A Financial Plan

A Home Equity Conversion Mortgage is a great option to discuss with your Financial Planner partners. Using a HECM can help in so many aspects of your financial plan that you didn't think about. With the market in a shift right now and the cost of living increasing at an all time high, the best way to scale back from drawing off of retirement accounts is to look at a home equity conversion mortgage. The Reverse Mortgage Division can help you look at eliminating a monthly mortgage payment for your borrowers and possibly giving them a line of credit to live off of while waiting for the market to rebound and not using your current reserves. Please see the below ways in which a HECM can be of use to your borrowers:

  • Access to a low cost growing line of credit

  • Can protect your portfolio performance in a down market

  • Can have annuity style payments using your home's equity

  • Can replace cash reserves

  • Can delay social security and pension payouts

  • Can postpone drawing down retirement assets, giving assets time to grow

  • Can increase your monthly cash flow by eliminating monthly mortgage payments

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